Plumbing and Heating Installations and Maintenance in Salem, MA

When it comes to repairs, you don’t want to cut corners; experience really does make a big difference. You can rely on our service technicians to properly repair your heating or water heating equipment the first time. Our team members don’t work on commission, so you won’t find technicians rushing through their job to get to the next one. We’re here to do the job right so that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of your home heating service in Salem, MA.

If you’re experiencing furnace or water heater equipment issues or a major malfunction, give us a call. That’s right—we provide both heating services and plumbing assistance to customers in our North Shore, MA service range. Get in touch to book your appointment with our energy experts!


High-Efficiency Plumbing and Heating Equipment

Salem, MA homeowners and business owners know how important it is to be ready for any weather that the North Shore has to offer. One easy way to protect your home, your family, and your budget is to upgrade your current hot water heater or fuel oil furnace to a higher-efficiency model. Upgrading your furnace will help you spend less on heating oil without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever. Investing in a new oil furnace will deliver significant benefits for years to come.


Boston’s North Shore and Salem, MA Fuel Oil Delivery

Now is the best time to heat your home or business with oil—Massachusetts home heating oil is getting cleaner and greener with the conversion to biodiesel fuel oil, a sustainable and eco-friendly blend that burns in your heating equipment and produces few emissions. Even better, the price of home heating oil has stayed at a record low. Order online today to schedule a delivery to your Salem, MA home before the next winter storm.


Salem, MA’s Fuel Oil Delivery, Furnace, and Plumbing Experts

Salem, MA, homeowners and business owners choose John’s Oil for one top reason: authenticity. What you see is what you get—transparent pricing, honest service, and true customer care. Nothing is more valuable than an energy supplier that knows exactly what is important to their customers. At John’s Oil, our team of professionals understands that each customer has unique heating needs, varying budgets, and differing home comfort preferences. It is our mission to make sure each customer can request an oil delivery at any time they need a fuel oil refill.

Salem, MA, residents choose John’s Oil for high-quality fuel at the lowest prices on Boston’s North Shore. You can rely on timely fuel delivery from John’s Oil’s dependable service team each time you order our heating fuel. Learn more about the convenient services we provide Salem, MA, homeowners and business owners below!


Benefits of Fuel Oil Delivery in Salem, MA

Heating your home or business with oil means you have the flexibility and option to choose your energy supplier. Unlike some major energy companies in our area, local fuel providers such as John’s Oil deliver personalized heating services. Choosing a home heating oil delivery and HVAC provider adds another abundance of perks. When you’re a customer of ours, you can manage your account online, rely on dependable delivery, and count on the most competitive rates on the North Shore of Boston.


Simple, 24/7 Fuel Ordering for Salem, MA Residents

Order your heating oil in just minutes with our simple online fuel oil ordering system. This option allows you to place your heating oil order anywhere, at any time with just the click of a button. Enjoy the convenience of managing your heating bills at your fingertips. John’s Oil is proud to provide the best value for home heating oil in Salem, MA. Order home heating fuel oil from John’s Oil today! Simply follow these steps for the easiest fuel ordering and delivery process in Salem, MA.

  • Click here, which will transfer you to our online ordering portal
  • Register or log into your John’s Oil account
  • Place your order depending on how many gallons you need


Affordable Fuel Oil Delivery in Salem, MA

Heat your Salem, MA home or business with top-quality, clean-burning heating oil at an affordable price. John’s Oil customers always pay the best rates. Are you looking for a great and low price per gallon for home heating oil in the Salem, MA region? Quality fuel at a great price makes it easier than ever to heat your home or business and keep your heating season budget at an all-time low. Place your home heating oil delivery request today!


Save More Annually with Our Home Heating Oil Delivery in Salem, MA

If you’ve made the decision to place a home heating oil delivery with John’s Oil, that’s excellent! Next, make sure your home is prepared to keep the heat inside your home, instead of sneakily leaking out through doors, walls, and windows. Use these simple tips to make the most of your oil heat this winter. When your home is properly sealed and your equipment is routinely maintained, you can greatly reduce your energy use and fuel costs.

  1. Replenish insulation as it ages and wears thin
  2. Book an annual furnace and water heater tune-up to maximize efficiency
  3. Caulk doors and windows to reduce warm air leakage
  4. Remove furniture from floor vents to allow maximum airflow


High-Efficiency Oil-Fired Furnace Tune-Ups

We provide efficiency tune-ups for our oil-fired furnace customers because they extend the lifespan of your system and reduce the risk of a no-heat emergency. There are many important benefits to keeping your system properly maintained on a regular basis. Here are a few that our customers love:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced service calls
  • Maintain warranty
  • Lower energy bills
  • Total peace of mind
  • Extended equipment lifespan


Areas of Salem We Service

Salem, Massachusetts is a historic city located in Essex County. It is known for its infamous witch trials of 1692 and has a rich history dating back to the colonial era. Here are some notable areas within Salem

  1. Salem Common: Salem Common is a central park in the heart of the city. It is a historic public space that dates back to the 17th century and is surrounded by well-preserved historic homes. The common hosts various community events and festivals throughout the year.
  2. Downtown Salem: Downtown Salem is the bustling commercial and cultural center of the city. It features a vibrant mix of shops, boutiques, art galleries, museums, restaurants, and cafes. Many of the buildings in downtown Salem have preserved their historical character and architecture.
  3. Derby Street: Derby Street is a historic street in Salem that runs parallel to the waterfront. It is lined with quaint shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Derby Wharf, located at the end of Derby Street, offers picturesque views of Salem Harbor and houses the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.
  4. Pickering Wharf: Pickering Wharf is a waterfront area known for its marina, shops, and restaurants. It offers a picturesque setting with views of the harbor and boats. Visitors can enjoy dining by the water, exploring local boutiques, and taking boat tours from this area.
  5. The McIntire Historic District: The McIntire Historic District is named after Salem’s renowned architect, Samuel McIntire. It encompasses a collection of well-preserved Federal-style and Georgian-style homes, showcasing the city’s architectural heritage. Visitors can take walking tours to admire the historic buildings and learn about their significance.
  6. Witch Trials Memorial: Located behind the Old Burying Point Cemetery, the Witch Trials Memorial is a somber and reflective area dedicated to the victims of the Salem witch trials. The memorial consists of granite benches etched with the names of those who were accused and executed during the trials.
  7. The Peabody Essex Museum: The Peabody Essex Museum is a renowned art and history museum in Salem. It showcases a diverse collection of art, artifacts, and historical objects, including maritime art, Asian art, American art, and cultural artifacts from around the world.
  8. Salem Willows Park: Salem Willows Park is a waterfront park and amusement area located on Salem Neck. It features a boardwalk, arcade games, a carousel, picnic areas, and beautiful views of the harbor. It’s a popular destination for family outings and leisurely strolls.

These are some of the notable areas within Salem, Massachusetts, each contributing to the city’s unique charm and historical significance.